Here’s why.

The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been disrupting the role of technology at enterprises across the world. It is fast replacing humans in performing repetitive and menial tasks, helping clinics and hospitals to deliver better patient care, and even taking on customer facing roles to offer fresh, convenient and delightful user experiences.

While the concept of RPA may appear complex to many, the benefits of this platform are far greater than any other innovation in digitization. Today, there are several players in the RPA market offering multiple solutions for diverse industries. But, in a world thriving with potential and competition what drives Benchmark Systems forward? How does it adapt? And more importantly, what makes it unique?

Well, these are some of the questions we had asked ourselves before entering the RPA race and the recent recognition from Horses for Sources (HfS), the leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services, is the result of our innovations set in the right direction.

At Benchmark Systems, we are all about helping organizations tap the power of technology to go beyond planning, organizing, allocating, directing and controlling their functions, thanks to new-age devices, better connectivity and boom in data portability. This inspired us to develop an end-to- end RPA solution powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Fractal Science, which offers all the building blocks needed for an organization’s automation and transformation journey.

Imagine a scenario where a small software bot is able to manage global operations, log events and initiate the required response in real-time from any remote location. Such a bot, in effect can support and even automate functions such as budgeting, procurement, production and distribution, sales and marketing, talent acquisition, customer service and business continuity planning to name a few. Thus, RPA elevates the role of a bot from that of a factory worker to a cognitive problem solver.

That said, our innovation didn’t stop there. Making softbots think and act like humans (most cases even better) is one thing, but having a hybrid knowledge network for faster self-learning and information sharing was even better. That is how we came up with the idea of incorporating Fractal Networks for supervised and adaptive machine learning, which really gave us the edge over competition.

We believe these capabilities have made Benchmark Systems the ‘invincible’ ant among the RPA giants. Today, our RPA solutions come with a number of unique features and advantages, and can be readily deployed for any organization irrespective of the industry, skillset or process.

Even as Trump and Brexit shake up global markets, RPA is viewed by many as the restorer of economic equilibrium. And if that holds true, Benchmark Systems will be at the leading end of this transformation – Fresh, Fearless and Fast in revolutionising global service delivery, operations and process outsourcing.