The ICD-10 Webinars Are Now Available Online

Did you miss AntWorks’ Electronic Health Record and Practice Management ICD-10 Readiness Webinars? Fear not! Both webinars have been uploaded online to our client portal.


AntWorks ICD-10-Webinars


The ICD-10 deadline is just two days away. In case you missed the first round of free live webinars held for our Benchmark Clinical customers, we now have recordings of the Electronic Health Record webinar and the Practice Management slide deck available to you online.

Both the recording of the Electronic Health Record session and the slide deck files are available via our Client Portal on our web site. For the Practice Management webinar, only the slide deck files have been uploaded.

AntWorks highly recommends that all of our clients watch our free Electronic Medical Record ICD-10 Readiness Webinar, or view the Practice Management webinar slide deck to ensure that your practice is ready for the ICD-10 transition. These webinars cover all aspects of our Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software usage related to the upcoming ICD-10 deadline.

How Do I Access These Resources?

To access the Electronic Health Record resources, visit the ‘Client Login’ link near the top right hand side of this screen.  Once logged in, under the ‘Customer Area’, click on the ‘EMR Resource Center’.  Links to the recorded webinar and slide deck are under the ‘ICD-10’ heading.

To access the Practice Management slide deck, visit the ‘Client Login’ link near the top right hand side of this screen.  Once logged in, under the ‘Customer Area’, click on the ‘PM Resource Center’ to access the webinar slide deck file.

Having Issues?

If you experience any issues gaining access to this video or slide deck, please call us at 800-779-0902, or email us to resolve those issues.



If you are not a current AntWorks customer, you can click on the ‘Request a Demo’ link below to see how our software can help your practice meet the new ICD-10 requirements.

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