An ICD-10 Countdown to the Holidays

ICD-10 Codes Holiday, Christmas

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Because we know that you all loved the original ICD-10 Code of the Week Series for the October 1 date, we’ve decided to bring it back. But, this time we’ve re-vamped the series for the holidays. To answer your question, yes – we know that Christmas and Kwanza are about 7.5 weeks away and Hanukkah is 4 weeks away, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! Just like the department stores, we’ve foregone Thanksgiving completely and skipped right ahead to the most wonderful time of the year. Buddy the Elf would be so proud of us right now.

For the next seven weeks, beginning November 11th and continuing to December 23rd, we’ll update you all with a new holiday themed ICD-10 code. Get ready to be filled with holiday cheer every Wednesday at 9AM!

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