Eye Physicians-Surgeons Inc., Selects Benchmark’s Practice Management Solution

Eye Physicians-Surgeons Inc., Selects Benchmark’s Practice Management Solution


Ophthalmologists in Martinsville, VA are setting the standard by partnering with top practice management solution company, AntWorks.


Lynchburg, Va. – February 3, 2014 – AntWorks, a leading Internet based provider of fully integrated medical practice solutions, announced today that Eye Physicians-Surgeons Inc., of Martinsville, VA have chosen to partner with AntWorks. Dr. Richman and Dr. Grayson will take advantage of Benchmarks ICD-10 compliant medical billing software and 5 Star rated software support to automate the business functions of their business.  Both physicians are heavily focused on superior patient care, but they also recognize that proper accounting and timely cash flows are essential elements of operating a medical practice efficiently.

Benchmark medical billing software and Benchmarks Claims Clearinghouse reduce A/R days, substantiates past claims, provides patients with detailed account statements and properly document the level of care provided to the insurance companies. Through increased financial visibility, operational efficiency and statistical management reporting, Eye Physicians-Surgeons Inc. will be able to easily manage the financial aspects of the practice and improve their bottom line.

“Eye Physicians-Surgeons Inc. and AntWorks Inc. both believe in excellence of care. Our joint partnership allows Eye Physicians-Surgeons Inc. the ability to maximize their staff resources by utilizing our award winning cloud technology and support staff. Our 5 star support rating speaks for itself. We look forward to a long term partnership and we will work hard to make their experience better every day earning our five stars again.” stated Ernie Chastain, Vice President of AntWorks.

About AntWorks Inc.

Benchmark is a leading Internet based provider of fully integrated solutions that automates all of the clinical and business functions required for healthcare providers. Benchmark offers seamless integrated Patient Portals, Scheduling, Clinical EHR, Practice Management, Billing, Instant Messaging, e-Fax, Order Tracking, Rx Scripting, and Billing and Collection Services at a very affordable price. Benchmark’s products are CCHIT approved and are being utilized by thousands of doctors in every state in the US.


For more information about AntWorks please call us at 1.800.779.0902 or visit us online at antworks.healthcare.

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