ICD-10 Code of the Week | Accidental Kick by Another Person

In our final ICD-10 Code of the Week installment, AntWorks has chosen W50.1xxS – Accidental kick by another person, sequela.


ICD-10 Code of the Week, Accidental Kick by Another Person


Do you play a lot of sports involving your feet – soccer, football, field hockey, lacrosse, martial arts? Spend a lot of time helping others try on shoes at a shoe store? Maybe you just have some overly active younger siblings? Well we (unfortunately) know what it feels like to be kicked in the head, and you probably do too. Thank goodness there’s a code for that! Keep alert near others’ feet, and stay safe!

Thanks for sticking with us through our ICD-10 Code of the Week series. Here’s to hoping your medical practice has a great ICD-10 implementation day, and if you’re “kicking yourself in the head” for not preparing for ICD-10, make sure to give AntWorks a call.

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