AntWorks Healthcare Awarded Best Places to Work in Lynchburg

LB_BEST PLACE TO WORK LOGO 2017AntWorks Healthcare takes pride in the environment in which we work. The employees of AntWorks are the backbone of the company, and deserve the best working environment, allowing them to in turn to give the best software offering and support to the Healthcare industry. That’s why being voted one of ‘Lynchburg Best Places to Work in 2017’ is at the top of the list when it comes to most prideful rewards.

Voted Leader in the EHR Industry by Software Advice

In the latest FrontRunners assessment by Software Advice, AntWorks Healthcare was named the Leader when it comes to Electronic Health Record Software. Now, of the 335 vendors that were compared only a few made it to the leader board. Where do we stand among this list? Right at the very top!

Over 335 EMR products were reviewed, and AntWorks Healthcare led in both the capability scores and the value scores. According to Software Advice, Leaders are all-around strong products. They offer a wide range of functionality to a wide range of customers. These products are considered highly valued to customers. For more information, Visit Software Advice.

EMR FrontRunner for Mental Health

FrontRunners is a 100% data-driven assessment of the most capable and valuable products for small businesses, published on Software Advice. Scores are largely based on end user reviews of software across the three Gartner Digital Markets sites and AntWorks Healthcare as a Mental Health Frontrunner in EHR!

AntWorks RCM, A Promising Solution

RCM-logo-HighresRCM-logo-HighresRCM-logo-HighresThere are many vendors in the market that are offering billing services and Revenue Cycle Management services, but they don’t chase down denials, work with insurance companies, and collect every dollar the client has earned and deserved. With AntWorks RCM, we put the work in to boost practice revenue. That’s why AntWorks RCM is recognized as a Promising Solution! Hear from our experts for simple steps for billing success! 

Cloud Service Provider of the Year

“‘Healthcare, although one of the most valuable and important services in the world, is in need of a technological overhaul that can enable it to meet the rising expectations of today’s digital customers,’ AntWorks notes. ‘[And] one major area of concern for medical providers is the integrity of their data back-ups and a disaster recovery plan.’ The Healthcare Solutions Suite that won AntWorks the title of Cloud Services Provider of the Year is designed to address this and other issues. AntWorks has created a ‘very interesting targeted use of cloud to solve a vertical problem’, as one of our judges put it. And it is for this reason that AntWorks has been awarded our Cloud Services Provider of the Year Award.”

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