Most Doctors are not able to Qualify for Meaningful Use with their Certified EHR

Most Doctors are not able to Qualify for Meaningful Use with their Certified EHR


While it had good intentions, EHR Certification has turned into a worthless list of 3,000+ products that could, may or probably will not pass accreditation for Stimulus funds. This has given physicians all over the country a false sense of security in selecting the proper EHR for their practice. This is not my opinion, this is a FACT. Let me document with independent studies from very respectable sources:

According to the most recent CDC study; in 2012, 27% of office-based physicians who planned to apply or already had applied for meaningful use incentives had computerized systems with capabilities to support 13, the bare basic requirements, of the Stage 1 Core Set objectives for meaningful use. For the full report visit

Other studies support similar findings:

A study published in Health Affairs finds that while 91 percent of physicians were eligible for Medicare Meaningful Use programs, only 11 percent of those intending to apply are in a position to take advantage of this incentive. This is irrespective of what kind of EHR they use; web based EMR or client server EMR. Drilling down a bit more, the study says only 11 percent of those intending to apply had enough EHR capabilities to support up to two-thirds of Medicare’s Stage 1 core objectives. This means their EMR system does not have the necessary capabilities.

“During 2011, the first year of the incentive programs, almost 124,000 eligible professionals, including physicians, had registered for Medicare incentives, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had paid nearly $275 million to 15,000 participants,” study authors say. “Medicaid meaningful use incentives, which flow through states, totaled about $220 million and went to approximately 10,500 physicians.”

Those EHR/EMRs that seem too good to be true (ex. system is marketed as being free or a couple of thousand dollars up front with a few hundred dollars a month) are costing physicians the ability to get reimbursed for installing a real EHR. A large amount of money is being lost equaling $44,000 in 2012, $39,000 this year, and next year the reimbursement drops to $24,000! That is not even taking into consideration the penalties that will be assessed to a practice for noncompliance.

We stand behind our product and guarantee every dollar… Phase 1 and Phase 2.
Our guarantee is simple and to the point:

Eligible professionals who utilize  Benchmark Clinical EHR technology toward Meaningful Use certification, but do not achieve federal funding because of a failure of the Benchmark Clinical EHR product to meet Meaningful Use certification , will be compensated equal to the amount of lost stimulus funds that would have been paid during the Benchmark Clinical EHR compliance failure.

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