ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week | Intentional Self Poisoning, Tryptophan

In the third installment of our ICD-10 Countdown to the Holidays Code of the Week Series,  AntWorks has chosen T50.3X2D, Poisoning by electrolytic, caloric and water-balance agents, intentional self-harm, subsequent encounter. Essentially this translates to the intentional self poisoning with tryptophan.


ICD-10 Thanksgiving

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Anyone that has ever celebrated Thanksgiving is well aware of that drowsy feeling induced by overeating at Thanksgiving Dinner. But, did you know that your sleepiness is actually caused by tryptophan in your beloved turkey? We have all actually been self poisoning ourselves with tryptophan every Thanksgiving, and may have never known!

While we do love our turkey leftovers, make sure you plan for an extra nap in your day the next time you consume a large amount of turkey. Stay tuned next week for our fourth ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week, and remember, if you’re struggling with your medical coding or billing vendor, AntWorks can be the next solution for your medical practice!

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