ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week | Fall From Stairs and Steps Due to Ice and Snow

In the second installment of our ICD-10 Countdown to the Holidays Code of the Week Series,  AntWorks has chosen W00.1: Fall from stairs and steps due to ice and snow.


ICD-10 Code Winter, AntWorks

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Now, this week’s code may not be holiday themed per se, but it is relevant for those of you living in states that get moderate to heavy snow fall in the winter. Have you ever taken a fall down some icy stairs or slipped on black ice?  If not, you’re a lucky one.  There have been many a times when we’ve seen our life flash before our eyes during a slip down the icy stairs. For reference, see the clip below that shows Marv from Home Alone.



Our point? Any fall due to ice or snow could land you hurting in your Doctor’s office. Thankfully, we now have W00.1 to cover all of the scrapes, cuts, and bruises that could appear due to a fall from ice or snow. Stay tuned next week for our third ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week, and remember, if you’re struggling with your medical coding or billing vendor, AntWorks can be the next solution for your medical practice!

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