ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week | Electrocution by Christmas Lights

In the first installment of our ICD-10 Countdown to the Holidays Code of the Week Series,  AntWorks has chosen T75.4XXA: Electrocution by Christmas Lights.


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We’re all been there: you’re stringing up christmas lights around the house or decorating the tree with your family and then someone plugs in another cord to your already over-filled surge protector. Soon, a night full of holiday cheer now includes an ocean of tears and a trip to the emergency room. From a small shock to an ignited christmas tree, there are a lot of unsafe ways to hurt yourself while hanging christmas lights. Good thing we have our ICD-10 code, T75.4XXA: Electrocution, Initial Encounter. For everyone who has ‘that one family member’ who can’t seem to get the hang of hanging Christmas lights, here’s an easy how-to for outdoor lights and an overall Holiday decor how-to guide.


Stay tuned next week for our second ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week, and remember, if you’re struggling with your medical coding or billing vendor, AntWorks can be the next solution for your medical practice!


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