ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week | Burn By Candle

In the fourth installment of our ICD-10 Countdown to the Holidays Code of the Week Series,  AntWorks has chosen X08.8, Burn by candle.


Hannukah ICD-10

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As the nights of Hanukkah progress, the possibility of burns from the candles on your menorah steadily rise. If you’re as clumsy as we are, you could be looking at new medical bills from burn injuries! Make sure to keep your (and your children’s) fingers safe from the flames and candle wax this Hanukkah.

Stay tuned next week for our fifth ICD-10 Holiday Code of the Week, and remember, if you’re struggling with your medical coding or billing vendor, AntWorks can be the next solution for your medical practice!

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