AntWorks’ Reputation as Observed by Employees and Customers

AntWorks’ Reputation as Observed by Employees and Customers

I was hired about a month and a half ago as Benchmark’s new Marketing Intern. I am currently in my last semester at Liberty University earning my undergraduate degree. Before applying at Benchmark Medical, I had no experience in healthcare apart from my yearly doctor’s office visits and my mom’s opinions as an experienced RN. My initial weeks here at Benchmark included a whirlwind of new information that I had no idea existed! The concepts of practice management systems, and electronic health records were completely foreign to me.

One of the first tasks I was given while working at Benchmark included gauging customer satisfaction in relation to the products that they have purchased. With a new and unbiased point of view without any prior knowledge about the software or healthcare industry, I was able to listen to customers and learn about AntWorks from their point of view.

I learned that although Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Software seem complicated, the Benchmark employees and support have made it easy for customers to understand!

While interviewing the different clients, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the majority of the feedback was positive and true to what I have observed of Benchmark employees while working here. Many different phrases shared by the practices I interviewed included that AntWorks provides solutions that are user-friendly, organized, and easy to train with. Many also said that the employees at Benchmark are supportive and very quick to respond because of their expertise in the specific systems.

During my interviews I asked the managers what their recommendations would be to others looking into purchasing a Clinical EHR or Practice Management System. Here are some of their responses:

Beth from New Market Medical Center stated,
“Benchmark is user-friendly and anybody who is not computer savvy can use it!”

Michelle from Houshang Makipour, MD stated that,
“From my experience working with other EMR’s in the past, Benchmark is by far the most user-friendly! It is the best quality EMR because although employees come and go, Benchmark transitions between those times.”

Diane from Kenneth Holling, MD stated,
“Support is awesome! Whenever I have a problem, a Benchmark employee always calls me back right away! The system is always user-friendly!”

AntWorks is here to meet your practice’s needs and is eager to help you as much as possible!

Jaime Skilling
Marketing Intern
AntWorks, Inc.

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