ONC 2015 Edition Certified EHR

AntWorks is pleased to announce that AntWorks Clinical EHR, Version 7.1 is certified by Drummond Group and attained  the 2015 Edition Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification.

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The Client Experience

“Our goal at AntWorks is to maintain a symbiotic relationship with our clients.  It takes their use of our products and feedback to continue to make our products better; to fill the needs of the many while also accommodating those of the few. “

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We're Rated 5 Stars on Software Advice

Our customers mean the world to us, so we make sure to provide them with top-quality products, solutions, and customer service. Read more of our testimonials and customer reviews here.

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We're listed as Top 10 Most Promising RCM Solutions of 2016

HealthCare Tech Outlook Selects AntWorks for 10 Most Promising Revenue Cycle Management Software Solution Providers 2016

AntWorks Revenue Cycle Management

From the first appointment that a patient schedules to the acceptance of final payment by the provider, RCM is a crucial part of the healthcare process with little to no scope for errors. Our solution helps clients gain granular visibility and retain more control of cash flow to ensure that the revenue cycle progresses error-free. Alongside 95% first submission cycle payment, our solution ensures maximum reimbursements at the least possible cost per practice, and also allows for expanded capabilities with minimal to zero hiring needs. In addition, AntWorks gives you a 360 degree responsibility held to your highest standards for your revenue cycle from coding to claims management to patient and insurance collections – reporting back to you, the customer.

AntWorks Practice Management


Improving patient care and boosting practice revenue requires a level of efficiency unattainable with legacy systems alone. Our Practice Management solution focuses on streamlining workflows and improving front- and back-office operations to reduce errors, improve care, and simultaneously boost revenues – all by expanding the functionality of your existing, time-tested IT infrastructure using tools that drive efficiency and help expand the practice without adding more staff.

AntWorks Electronic Health Record

While healthcare organizations strive to provide excellent care to patients, they also need to focus on their own time and resources; and our MU-certified EHR solution helps clients achieve this balance. EHR provides evidence-based patient care reminders to help you create zero-distance relationships with your patients and practices, for higher quality  outcomes.

AntWorks Serves over 40 Specialties and Sub-Specialties

Hear What our Customers are Saying

My electronic billing is much faster with AntWorks. Things have gone much more smoothly, and the people have been very helpful.


Elgin Medical Center

We have complete confidence in AntWorks as our software provider. They have done an excellent job in partnering with us.


Richard Bagby Jr., MD

We have been with AntWorks for over 20 years, and they have been very customer service-oriented and are willing to help with anything I need.


Tazewell Family Physicians

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